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SunSystems Application Portal launched

Global hoteliers to benefit from online access to business and financial information

SunSystems, one of the world's leading business and financial solutions, today announced the launch of its Application Portal, which seamlessly integrates SunSystems with other applications and data sources into an easy to use portal. It allows users to have instant access to key financial and management information and to perform business transactions via a web browser.

The increasing globalization of business and the need for secure, anytime, anywhere access to critical business information has led to the development of the SunSystems Application Portal. Nigel Rayner, product marketing director at SunSystems explains: "The Internet is increasingly being used as a means of managing and conducting business processes and transactions. The SunSystems Application Portal provides immediate web access to any SunSystems application from a single secure sign on. It also has many of the features associated with enterprise portals as it enables access to other enterprise and desktop applications from the same log on and provides full content management for both structured and unstructured data from multiple sources."

SunSystems is already recognized as one of the leading global financial and business information systems for the hospitality sector, delivering real and quantifiable business benefits through its rich functionality, advanced reporting and analytical capabilities, its flexible and scalable architecture, its truly global reach and its low risk and cost effective installations. The SunSystems Application Portal will further strengthen the value proposition offered by SunSystems to global hoteliers.

Andrew Turton, global solutions director for hospitality at SunSystems commented: "The highly competitive nature of the hospitality sector and the current economic climate poses a number of challenges to today's hotelier. The answer to some of these challenges lies in the deployment of relevant technology. Having online access to quality management information through the SunSystems Application Portal will prove invaluable in the improvement of the collaborative working, knowledge sharing and strategic decision making capabilities of global hotel chains. In addition, the SunSystems Application Portal can be readily customized to suit the individual needs of the user making data input, extraction and reporting highly accurate and efficient from both a time and cost perspective."

Among the other key benefits delivered by the SunSystems Application Portal is its ability to improve productivity. Firstly, users can access multiple applications from a single unified interface. This has the benefit of making the administration, management and reporting of information from across an enterprise more accurate and timely. Secondly, since the SunSystems Application Portal delivers role-based access and personalized content users can also perform business activities with minimal training.

The SunSystems Application Portal boasts not only rich functionality and the delivery of accurate information via any web-enabled device, but users also benefit from rapid deployment and cost efficiencies as a result of its centralized configuration and administration.

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