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How to store amber: rules for using amber products

How to store amber

Everyone loves to buy or receive as a gift natural amber products and jewelry from the best online store ukrburshtyn.com. But in order for amber products to delight us for a long time, preserving their natural beauty and enchanted shine, it is necessary not only to wear and admire them but also to properly store and care for them. It is necessary that the care of amber products becomes a pleasant and permanent habit for their owners. Watching how, with the help of simple manipulations, the stones acquire their former luster, play and sparkle in the sun's rays is a real pleasure!

Before learning how to store amber products, as well as effectively care for them, it is necessary to learn that this sunstone is one of the most delicate and soft gems used in jewelry. Its pebbles are warm to the touch, casting all shades of golden yellow, warm brown and red colors. Amber is able to delight the eye with its iridescence and a truly divine, mysterious light. At the same time, it is a rather capricious and demanding stone, especially when it comes to its cleaning and storage. Therefore, you need to handle amber carefully, without harming it in any way.

A gem can tarnish over time, so if you've kept it for a long time, don't get discouraged, but instead learn how to restore the stone's luster. It is recommended to follow a few simple rules for storing amber, so that it does not lose its original appearance for as long as possible, does not become cloudy and does not get damaged.

Rules for using amber products

Amber products in the house should be kept as far as possible from heating and heating devices, direct active sunlight, air conditioners and other sources of both high and very low temperatures. Sharp jumps in air temperature are also very unfavorable for the structure of the stone. You should not wear amber jewelry in the sauna or go out into the frosty air in winter.

Amber can be easily deformed under the influence of mechanical influences, so handling it should be careful, careful and attentive. It is not advisable to throw or drop amber products, as they may split.

You should not touch amber with dirty hands, it is especially harmed by various fats - lard, sunflower oil and others. Remember this simple rule of clean hands.

Contacts of amber with perfumes and household detergents are also very undesirable. Try to perfume yourself before putting on jewelry with a gem, as it can be damaged by just a few drops of perfume, and never do household chores that require the use of chemicals while wearing jewelry.

Storage of amber products

  • Let's consider how to store amber to avoid its cloudiness and damage for as long as possible.

    Despite the fact that amber is called a "sun stone", it does not react well to the scorching rays of the sun, so it, along with other natural stones, is best stored in a dark box. The only important nuance - from time to time amber still needs to be taken from there and "walked", because moderate "communication" with the sun of this stone is simply necessary. It is from saturation with solar energy that it finds its healing properties and at the same time - a mysterious shine.
  • It has been observed that if amber is left outdoors for a long time, it can become covered with small cracks and become cloudy, so this should not be done.
  • Amber is a soft and fragile mineral, so it is best to keep each amber jewelry separately from the others, in a hard box with a velvet lining, so that the stones do not get damaged by scratching each other, and do not split when struck.
  • You should not store amber jewelry together with other jewelry made of other stones or metals - amber darkens from such a "neighborhood".

How to clean stone jewelry

If you adore your jewelry, and you never get tired of admiring it, because you have the most pleasant memories associated with it, you certainly want to know how to care for amber products. If you take it as a rule to clean the jewelry from dust, fat, sweat and other impurities after each use, then you will not have any problems with their appearance for the longest possible time. During regular cleaning, it is possible to wipe them thoroughly with a dry cloth, without using hard washcloths or hard brushes.

It is also recommended to periodically wash the amber under a stream of clean water - a little warm or cold, but not hot. In this way, the pebbles are not only cleaned from the outside, but also allegedly get rid of the negative energy they have absorbed, protecting their owner from it.

If jewelry with amber is very dirty, then they should be cleaned with specially designed means. For home remedies, we recommend using a solution of water and ammonia, soaking the product in it for just a few minutes. Please note that a soapy solution is not suitable for this purpose, as the composition of the soap contains various chemical substances, the influence of which can adversely affect the sensitive mineral. Its surface with micropores, along with such stones as turquoise and mother-of-pearl, can be destroyed under the influence of chemicals. As an option - get covered with a white coating, which will be impossible to clean due to the change in the structure of the stone. In addition to the ammonia solution, you can use ordinary slightly salted water for cleaning, soaking the jewelry for twenty minutes.

  • After such water procedures, it is necessary to rinse the amber jewelry with clean water, then dry it and carefully polish it with a soft cloth - woolen or flannel, preferably with the addition of a drop of olive oil.
  • Very valuable amber products are not soaked in solutions or water, but wrapped for a few minutes in wet napkins, after which they are also wiped with a soft cloth to add shine. It must be remembered that ultrasonic and steam cleaning are absolutely unsuitable for cleaning amber, which can be destructive for the stone.

Amber is an unusual and slightly magical stone, so it should be handled with love and attention. This is a real miracle of nature, which should not be hidden in boxes, so it must be taken out from there periodically, worn, cared for, saturated with sunlight and energy, then cleaned with running water and carefully polished. And the miracle stone amber, in gratitude for this, will give you its warmth and strange shimmer.

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