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SunSystems Support Introduction
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"Empowering SunSystems users with real-time, personalized support via our global network of helpdesks, providing local language, business knowledge and superior product expertise"

SunSystems Support Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that support end users, managers and your IT infrastructure to address the business, functional, technical and industry demands of your business. Powerful and easy to purchase, these services range from subscriptions for software updates to premium support that delivers flexible solutions tailored to specific business needs.

To download our Support brochure, please go to the Brochure Download page.

Customers with a valid support contract with SunSystems have access to:

Product upgrades All upgrades are upwardly compatible.
Service Packs Assure the stability of your system.
SunSystems support helpdesk Access to product experts via the telephone, email, fax or web.
Customer Support Online
Click on link to register
Query our online Knowledgebase; submit a support request; view product documentation; access Service Packs.

What is a Service Pack?

A Service Pack is an accumulation of known fixes for a specific version of SunSystems, made available to all customers with a valid support contract, as the next iteration of the software. It contains fixes for selected functional areas and is treated as a full release going through localization and the QA process.

A Service Pack is accompanied by a README file listing outstanding faults at the time the Service Pack is released, together with a list of the fixes that are addressed by a particular Service Pack.

Each Service Pack is platform specific.

We cannot guarantee that third party products are unaffected, so you are encouraged to call your Regional Support office before installing the Service Pack in such circumstances.

The benefits:

  • The selection of fixes for a particular Service Pack is customer driven and focuses on specific areas of the software
  • Improves the quality and stability of the software constantly
  • Simple to install and can be accessed via the Internet or ordered on CD
  • The streamlining of code maintenance using Service Packs also improves productivity of the development teams
  • Historical problems associated with one patch overwriting another are avoided

Customer Support Online

Supported customers and partners can access our Customer Support Online service to review our Service Level statement, submit a support request, access our product documentation, access Service Packs and provide feedback on support.


This site also provides access to the SunSystems Knowledgebase, allowing you to:

  • Search our extensive database of support queries, by product, module and keyword
  • View and update your contact/address details
  • Change your user settings (language and timezone)

Our Knowledgebase can be accessed by all SunSystems customers. Simply register to receive your unique userid and password.

To register, you need to know your SunSystems serialization number, and provide your full company name, address and contact details. Upon registration, you will receive an acknowledgement and also your userid and password by email.

Should your registration be unsuccessful (we are unable to match your registration details with our database) please call your local SunSystems helpdesk quoting reference SUKBREG. Our support desk consultants will be happy to check your details with those on our system and perform the registration on your behalf. You should then receive your logon details via email.

Please note that this logon is currently a separate system to Customer Support Online, which is only available to SunSystems customers with a support contract. Customers wishing to access this facility should use their existing logon id or for new customers, please contact your local SunSystems helpdesk to request a separate userid.

SunSystems is a portfolio of integrated financial management and business intelligence applications, which help decision-makers gain a broader perspective on the business, and provide the ability to analyze the operational detail.

For more than 20 years, we have delivered global, low-risk solutions that are designed for rapid, low-cost deployment, helping our users to meet the demands placed on the finance function.

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  Location: Home Page > Products & Solutions > Support