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SunSystems Custom Business Intelligence
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SunSystems Custom BI - powered by MIS DecisionWare - delivers integrated solutions for gathering and distributing management information and knowledge and ultimately, enabling decisions that improve business productivity and profitability.  At the core of this offering are the development and implementation of systems for planning, modeling, reporting and analysis.

A powerful, proven solution, SunSystems Custom BI enables you to make better-informed decisions, predict and assess alternative courses of action and capture the competitive advantages you need to improve your control of the business.

Typical business problems:

  • spreadsheet proliferation
  • redundant and inconsistent data
  • data fragmentation
  • performance and scalability limitations

SunSystems Custom BI provides a central platform with fast access for the modeling of business data.  It supports streamlined, key management processes, delivering consistent, current information, solving the problems highlighted above. It allows users to plan, budget, model, report and analyze information with speed and accuracy in familiar Windows, Web or Excel environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Share knowledge - decentralized architecture facilitates enterprise-wide knowledge sharing, including decentralized business modeling
  • Accelerate planning and reporting cycles by integrating planning, legal, and management consolidation to streamline enterprise management processes
  • React faster to business problems and opportunities
  • Extend the benefit of business intelligence across the entire enterprise by addressing broad spectrum of needs for diverse range of users
  • Directly integrate into existing IT infrastructures, including relational data sources and data warehouses to improve cost-effectiveness
  • Enjoy low risk and low total cost of ownership

Key features:

  • Combine data of different formats from multiple sources into a single, high performance, analytical database server
    • Delivers a consistent view of your data by enabling any number of users simultaneous access to the same data, controlled via comprehensive security
  • Stores and models business data in a multidimensional database
    • Drills down into multiple levels of detail, and drills through to specific transactions
    • Allows users to perform sophisticated what-if analysis in real time
    • Real-time capabilities to update information and see the results immediately.  Users can receive instant responses to complex what-if scenarios.
    • Performs calculation on demand, reducing the storage requirements, improving data entry times and ensuring that the latest data is always available to end users
  • Access the information, for planning, modeling and analytics, via a Web browser or Excel spreadsheets
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel - multidimensional hypercube-browser provides drag and drop navigation of hypercubes from within the Excel sheet
  • Minimal training is required, offering an easy solution for building analytical applications 


  Location: Home Page > Our Solutions > Analytics