What do we do?

Large multinationals use SunSystems financial and business management solutions because it is ideal for organizations with operations of differing sizes wanting to deploy the same solution regionally or globally. Yet SunSystems is also used by thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses around the world because it delivers the power and flexibility of an enterprise-level system at a considerably lower total cost of ownership.

SunSystems also provides a range of financial and analytic applications plus customized solutions to help manage corporate performance, including consolidation, planning, budgeting and forecasting. The SunSystems analytic applications support sophisticated enterprise planning by allowing organizations to model their business, create multiple planning scenarios and generate expected outcomes using a powerful financial model. They also support businesses that simply want to improve their budgeting processes by reducing their reliance on disconnected spreadsheets. The analytic applications leverage other SunSystems applications so that financial and business information is shared and synchronized between them.

SunSystems real-time, single ledger design coupled with highly flexible analysis capabilities makes for a powerful system with a compact footprint. Its scalability means that SunSystems can support from 5 to 1,000 users, and the breadth of functionality means you can implement additional modules as your business changes. Whatever the size of the organization, businesses today need solutions to improve operating efficiency and help understand how the business is performing. Problem areas need to be highlighted quickly and potential opportunities identified to maximize opportunities for revenue growth. SunSystems addresses this need through its unique combination of flexible analysis capabilities and integrated business analytics.