The SunSystems Difference

SunSystems is unique. It’s not just the power and flexibility of our software that makes us the system of choice to businesses around the world, it is the combination of our global reach and ability to deliver sophisticated solutions at a fraction of the cost of legacy ERP vendors that makes us different.

"The alternatives for Castrol Poland were reviewed and we worked out that the payback on SunSystems would be nine months. The alternatives were in excess of two years."

BP Poland

Global Reach and Delivery

SunSystems has focused on delivering global solutions for over 20 years. Unlike most other business application developers, international functionality is a core part of our solutions, not an afterthought. Backed by a network of over 20 offices and 200 channel partners worldwide, we have the capability to deliver solutions wherever you are located.

“With its reputation of reliability and stability, we chose SunSystems to be the standardized system for all our offices in China.”

McDonald’s China

Low Risk

The flexibility of SunSystems means it can easily be configured to meet your organizational structures and business processes rather than the other way around.  This means that SunSystems can meet your requirements without jeopardizing the way you run your business.

Our implementation methodology, used consistently by our own consultants and our partners, means that SunSystems can be delivered rapidly and easily to organizations across the globe. Shortened implementation timescales and ease of use deliver quick benefits to users while reducing the risk of failure. This means that global deployments can be delivered rapidly.

“SunSystems is backed with a proven implementation methodology and a cost-effective price tag. Plus, SunSystems is a plug-and-play solution that offers local customization and flexibility and it has a very short implementation time. There’s no doubt that the new SunSystems model is making our lives easier. It’s proven to be a very beneficial tool, one that certainly adds value.”

International Operations, MetLife

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Most enterprise applications are complex and costly to implement. However, the problems don’t end with initial implementation. The cost of maintaining, managing and upgrading enterprise applications means the total cost of ownership over the life of the system is unacceptably high.

SunSystems is different. Rapid deployment coupled with cost-effective training and upgrade services means that SunSystems can deliver business benefits at a lower total cost of ownership. And the flexibility of the system means it can change as your business changes without the need for expensive reprogramming or outside consulting resources. Furthermore the scalability of SunSystems and its open technology platform means it can grow with your business and adapt to changes in your technical environment, maximizing the return on your investment.

“The time and money we have saved through improved administration processes is considerable. And that means more of our funds can be spent on saving children.”

Save the Children (UK)