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SunSystems Connect is a powerful electronic gateway that enables you to integrate between SunSystems and your other business applications.

Using SunSystems Connect, you can integrate with web applications or portals, front office systems or other external applications.

Key features at a glance: 

  • Allows other applications to seamlessly integrate directly with SunSystems functionality and data.  For example, if you have developed an Internet-based application, you could use SunSystems Connect to remotely check credit limits, to utilize SunSystems currency conversions or to access prices stored in SunSystems.
  • Uses the industry standard protocols XML (Extensible Markup Language) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • Data held in SunSystems can be queried, created or updated directly from other applications
  • Data transferred into SunSystems is fully validated through SunSystems business logic

How does SunSystems Connect work?

SunSystems Connect utilizes the industry standard protocols of XML and SOAP.  Both of these are accepted as the centerpiece standard for connectivity and are designed for Internet data transfer.  They are also able to support the transfer of data across different platforms.

Connecting between SunSystems and other applications

SunSystems transaction import facilities are further enhanced with SunSystems Connect providing true, online application-to-application interfaces.

Transactions can be posted online in real-time and the data is validated via the business logic held in SunSystems.

SunSystems Connect also streamlines the task of synchronizing reference data held in other applications by allowing any updates to be replicated back into SunSystems.  This minimizes the risks involved with double entry of data.

Bulk changes can also be downloaded from SunSystems to other external applications and the data can be manipulated using definable business rules.

The following table lists an example of the reference data which can be accessed via SunSystems Connect:


Query, Create or Amend, Delete


Query, Create or Amend, Delete

Analysis Codes

Query, Create or Amend, Delete


Query, Create or Amend

Bank Details

Query, Create or Amend, Delete


Query Code/Rates, Create


Code/Rates or Amend Code/Rates


Query, Create or Amend, Delete


Query, Create or Amend, Delete


Query, Create or Amend

Item Suppliers

Query, Create or Amend


Query, Create or Amend, Delete

Journal Types

Query, Create or Amend

Business Rules

Query, Create or Amend

Data Access Group Query, Check, Create or Amend



The table below gives you some examples of the SunSystems transaction types that you can connect to using SunSystems Connect:


Query, Import, Validate

Purchase Orders

Query, Create or Amend

Purchase Invoices

Query, Create or Amend

Sales Orders

Query, Create or Amend

Sales Invoices


Inventory Movements

Query, Create


SunSystems is a portfolio of integrated financial management and business intelligence applications, which help decision-makers gain a broader perspective on the business, and provide the ability to analyze the operational detail.

For more than 20 years, we have delivered global, low-risk solutions that are designed for rapid, low-cost deployment, helping our users to meet the demands placed on the finance function.

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  Location: Home Page > Our Solutions > Collaborative Commerce