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SunSystems Analytic Applications
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The SunSystems Analytic Applications comprise a number of products, including:

SunSystems Enterprise Planning

In the face of shrinking product and development life cycles, managers must reach complex decisions quickly.  Budgeting systems must cope with this rapid change and ensure transparency throughout each stage of the process.  Key to streamlining this enterprise planning process is enhanced speed and flexibility.

SunSystems Enterprise Planning offers a pre-built application to meet these needs and to tackle other budgeting obstacles.  It provides a sophisticated planning and forecasting environment that supports best practices like continuous budgeting and rolling forecasts.

Due to the flexible underlying technology (based on MIS DecisionWare), companies can tailor the standardized structures and reporting options to reflect their unique requirements. As a result, high-performance, customized systems can be built and maintained in record time.

SunSystems Enterprise Planning:

  • A system designed to support the planning process
  • Built-in workflow to manage and control the planning process
  • A multi-dimensional database
    • to support planning with a model reflecting the business
    • a central scalable and well performing database
    • secure single version of the data
  • Data Integration to import/export data and definitions to/from SunSystems and other applications
  • A pre-built application including most common planning requirements structure, rules, reports and processes to reduce the implementation time
  • A simple design environment to enable customization, setting up multiple rollups and extensions to meet specific needs (e.g. HR planning)
  • Reporting tools to enable easy review of plans and measurement of performance
  • Built-in intelligence to support the planning process such as top-down/Bottom-up allocations, Phasing and Spreading, Currency conversions, etc…


SunSystems Consolidation

SunSystems Consolidation delivers a powerful solution to streamline the processes of consolidation and management reporting. This application supports major international accounting standards (e.g. IAS, US GAAP) as well as European standards like UK GAAP or HGB. Additionally, management reporting options, such as evaluating actual, budget and forecast data, are fully integrated.
A fast close is just the beginning – SunSystems Consolidation extends beyond generating financial statements to unite internal and external accounting into a single, efficient process. Organizations, therefore, can fully tap their financial data to gain real-time insight on the current state of their business. Managers can recognize emerging obstacles or opportunities in a timely fashion - and steer their activities in line with business objectives.

SunSystems Consolidation:

  • A standard application designed for internal and external company and group reporting 
  • Out-of-the-box support for key tasks
    • data collection
    • manual transactions
    • inter-company eliminations
    • currency translation
    • automatic & manual consolidation processes
    • key figure calculation
    • multiple scenario support
    • reporting
  • Supports local and international (e.g. HGB, IAS, US-GAAP, etc.) accounting standards as well as different consolidation processes as used for management reporting


SunSystems Subsidiary Management

SunSystems Subsidiary Management revolutionizes the integration and reporting of subsidiaries by gathering key information from disparate systems in local units and facilitating the transformation into a corporate standard for planning, reporting and analysis.

However this solution extends far beyond collecting local data. A central model can be distributed to subsidiaries, enabling necessary information to be collected, but it can also be tailored for local needs.   Decentralized business units can load or enter data for local reporting and the application automatically enables information to be zipped, encrypted and sent via e-mail or the Internet to the next highest organizational level.

SunSystems Subsidiary Management:

  • Support different user groups with a single application
  • React to changes – central changes can be automatically incorporated in multiple distributed local applications
  • Customize the application to meet your unique needs (from structures to analysis, reports and layouts)
  • Embed your business rules (inter-company relationships, plausibility checks, workflow, etc.)
  • Integrate with other solutions based on MIS DecisionWare (e.g. Consolidation, Enterprise Planning applications)
  • Integrate with SunSystems
  Location: Home Page > Our Solutions > Analytics