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SunSystems Report Server

Part of the SunSystems Analytics suite, SunSystems Report Server is primarily focused on operational reporting and monitoring, allowing you to deliver personalized, interactive reports to employees, customers and partners anywhere in the world.

SunSystems Report Server makes this possible by generating, managing and securely delivering SunSystems content to website users. With simply a web browser (no need for applets or plug-ins), users can view and interact with SunSystems reports and documents, allowing easy Internet deployment to large user populations.

In addition, the Report Server Extended Use option offers all the benefits of Report Server in terms of scheduling, organizing and managing reports together with server side execution, but information can be generated from a combination of SunSystems and other related data sources.

Key features at a glance: 

  • Delivers critical business information to many users
  • Delivers interactive, actionable content in multiple formats and in a timely fashion
  • Easily secures and manages large volumes of content
  • Delivers SunSystems reports/documents over the web - as browser-use only, no specialist training is required
  • Runs one report or document set for all users and controls access using Page Level Security
  • Schedules when reports and documents run and assigns on demand reports with differing priorities depending on the identity of the requester
  • Outputs reports and documents as HTML, DHTML, PDF, XML or even WML
  • Integrates SunSystems reports seamlessly into your website and provides personalized views to different users
  • Secures reports in a flexible hierarchical folder system
  • Alerts users to new reports
  • Automates the versioning and archiving of reports
  • Uses existing SunSystems, LDAP or other security with a single log-in
  • Downloads reports one page at a time for optimal performance over the web
  • Offers the same powerful search and export facilities over the web as in a client-server environment

SunSystems Report Server is powered by Actuate’s Advanced Report Server which includes ReportCastTM technology for delivery of mission-critical business information to your customers, partners, and employees.

SunSystems 5 uses Actuate technology to generate and print all reports and commercial documents.  According to META Groups David Folger, this is “...the ONLY solution that can meet all the challenges and IT requirements for corporate information delivery”.

No matter what your solution requirements, Report Server can deliver content in a way that meets the needs of your website users.

This webpage shows a customer statement delivered to a browser. It illustrates how Report Server can be used to integrate SunSystems report content seamlessly into your website or intranet.

For further information, please see our brochure and demo in the Demos & Downloads section.

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