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SunSystems PSA
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Manage your client projects, your people and your performance. SunSystems PSA delivers extended project accounting, specifically to help you do this.

SunSystems PSA is a complete suite of integrated modules designed to support the business processes of a project-centric organization. These processes include finding and retaining clients, planning projects and managing human resources, administering projects, charging time and expenses and measuring results. Now you have control of your business - and your profits.

SunSystems PSA - Powered by SharpOWL

SunSystems PSA is the Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution that offers a comprehensive, collaborative and knowledge-enhancing approach to managing your most valuable assets - your manpower and your client projects. Whether your clients are external, third party organizations or internal departments of your own organization, SunSystems PSA can be deployed to manage the efficient delivery of the services you provide. In addition to enhancing your client relationships, you gain vital intelligence on the operational costs you incur, fulfilling the requirement for project accounting and activity-based costing.

PSA solutions have been deployed in project-based organizations in the IT sector, banking and finance, PR, advertising, consulting engineers, surveyors, oil & gas exploration, research and development, pharmaceutical research including early clinical trials and in government agencies. SunSystems PSA has particular benefits for companies that need clear visibility of consultancy utilization and revenue recovery. Organizations and government agencies, often tasked with spending public money, benefit from SunSystems PSA to account for their spending and to demonstrate that they provide real value.

SunSystems PSA is sold and supported globally providing international professional services organizations with a single system solution. SunSystems PSA can deliver demonstrable ROI with automated integration to SunSystems Financials.

Visibility of business critical information

By gathering business critical information at source, SunSystems PSA provides managers with the knowledge to increase business performance and enhance client satisfaction through efficient utilization of resources and skills. The greater visibility throughout the organization works not only to streamline business processes but gives greater satisfaction and productivity. As a proven, scaleable web-enabled application, SunSystems PSA meets the requirements of multi-national organizations to manage global projects. Automated integration with SunSystems Financials gives customers a complete front to back office solution, which delivers increased organizational efficiency and significant cost savings.

Mapping to your organization

SunSystems PSA maps onto a service based company structure and allows for collaboration throughout an organization via modules including:

  • Information delivery: eReporting and publishing, Vision for SunSystems PSA

  • Integration to Financials: SunSystems PSA Integration Components 

  • Project Administration: Project repository and multi-currency manager

  • Time & expenses: Web and rich client time and expense manager

  • Billing & re-charging: Billing and intra and inter company charging

  • Resourcing: Resource Manager and MS Project interface

For full details of SunSystems PSA and available modules, please see our brochure and demo in the Demos & Download section.


SunSystems PSA is the product of a successful partnership between SunSystems and SharpOWL. SunSystems is a distribution partner of SharpOWL, which is the only PSA product designed to integrate with SunSystems.

For further information on SharpOWL, visit their website by clicking here.

  Location: Home Page > Our Solutions > Professional Services Automation