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6/25/2022 SunSystems Application Portal launched
6/24/2022 Benefits of SunSystems Showing at Hilton International; Worldwide Shared Services Rollout Continues
6/24/2022 Ritz-Carlton Selects MICROS-Fidelio Financials powered by SunSystems for US, Europe, Middle East and Asia
6/17/2022 SunSystems Assist launched
6/1/2022 SunSystems Launches Pre-configured Financial Portal for Insurance Companies
4/29/2022 MICROS-Fidelio Financials powered by SunSystems “Now Playing” at Radisson LA Westside
3/4/2022 SunSystems i2i Purchase Requisitioning Enhanced
1/16/2022 Systems Union PLC
10/1/2022 International Insurance/Reinsurance Company Deploys SunSystems Worldwide
8/20/2022 SunSystems Presence in Insurance Sector Expands; Strategic Partnership with Scruggs Consulting Established
8/12/2022 Major New Global Alliance Unveiled for Hospitality Sector
7/30/2022 SunSystems Collect and SunSystems iCollect Debtor Management Modules Launched in Americas
7/16/2022 TTPost Implements SunSystems Financials
5/29/2022 SunSystems Meeting Needs of Biotechs
5/9/2022 SunSystems Financial Solution Adds Additional Languages and Localization
4/8/2022 Air BP chooses SunSystems for New Markets
3/15/2022 Mutual Risk Management Selects SunSystems PSA
3/12/2022 Brazilian Partnership with HT4B takes SunSystems deeper into South America
3/11/2022 SunSystems 5 Financial Solution Goes Worldwide With Pfizer
3/1/2022 SunSystems Academy Launched
2/12/2022 Insurance Sector Partnership Expands SunSystems Presence in South America.
1/30/2022 SunSystems 5 Financial Management Solution Bridging Global Business.
10/31/2001 Hilton International Awards $1.7 Million Dollar Contract.
10/16/2001 Stock Exchange announcement: Pfizer signs $13.25m SunSystems Contract.
10/15/2001 Seventh-day Adventist Church Contract Update.

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