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SunSystems Offers Professional Services That:
  • Reflect your priorities.
  • Solve your problems.
  • Are specific to the software
  • Maximize the effectiveness
          of SunSystems installations.
  • Cover the entire operating

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Our Consulting Services Ensure Your SunSystems Implementation Meets Your Business Requirements From Day One And Into The Future.

Our experienced and extensively trained application and business consultants identify the best practices to enhance your organization's productivity. Then our technology consultants advise on the optimum overall solution to suit your business requirements, ensuring costs and risk are minimized.

SunSystems can be implemented very quickly. For example, we can install and go live in a hotel in less than six weeks. Some of our larger competitors would typically take many months to complete this work.

Professional Quality Implementation Services - PQIS
The core implementation offering is called PQIS - Professional Quality Implementation Services. It offers standardized, pragmatic steps to deliver the required system, and encompasses a number of distinct services.

PQIS provides formal implementation methodologies combined with expert project management to ensure thorough planning and proactive issue resolution. This means that implementations are undertaken consistently around the world, ensuring proven and rapid deployment of the system, a faster return on investment, and a reduced risk of project failure.
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Core System Rollout
We have many multinational customers, giving our Professional Services organization a wealth of experience through implementing SunSystems worldwide. SunSystems often adopts a "Core System Rollout" approach for these customers.
More Information About Core System Rollout

Implementation Planning
This study is designed to be an integral part of your business systems selection and implementation process.

Our experienced consultants work with customers to identify and evaluate the business, technology and integration requirements that must be addressed prior to commencing the implementation.

Performed prior to the SunSystems Implementation Service, the Implementation Planning Study has five distinct phases.
More Information About Implementation Planning

Implementing Euro
EuroPlan is a consulting service offered by SunSystems to assist organizations moving to the euro as their base-currency for accounting and reporting.

SunSystems helps its customers make the migration smoothly, with minimal risk, by using this proven service. EuroPlan helps to identify the most appropriate euro solution for the business and ensures a high degree of knowledge transfer from the consultants to key customer personnel.
More Information About Implementation Planning

Shared Service Center
Many of our customers use SunSystems in numerous locations worldwide. Very often these organizations support the local operations with SunSystems based on PC Platforms.

Trends show that this infrastructure is being replaced by a more centralized solution; organizations are making use of today's technology to connect a central server to remote office locations. This is often combined with the streamlining of accounting practices through centralization of the accounting department.

There are many advantages to adopting this environment - known as a "Shared Services Center."
More Information About Shared Service Center

Site Audit
The Site Audit is designed to identify how an organization's changing needs can be addressed by the latest SunSystems technology.

In an evolving business world, and as part of the ongoing service program, we recommend regular Site Audits to ensure that customers continue to maximize their investment in SunSystems.
More Information About Site Audit

Software Upgrade Service
This service is designed to help customers upgrade to new versions of SunSystems.

New versions of SunSystems, combined with the latest technology, can help meet the challenges of new objectives, sustained growth or reengineering of business processes. Our professional services team provides assistance in the implementation of change using the Software Upgrade Service.
More Information About Software Upgrade Service

SunSystems Implementation Service
The foundation for the PQIS range of services is the SunSystems Implementation Service. This provides a project planning blueprint, designed specifically for SunSystems.
More Information About Implementation Service

Technology Services
AIM Service - Administration, Installation, Maintenance: SunSystems software is installed by consultants who understand the technology aspects of our products and the platforms on which they exist. Whether you are simply updating the version of SunSystems or changing operating system and database, we ensure that business continuity is maintained and SunSystems data is transferred with minimum downtime.

The service includes documented post-installation tests and a report of all work carried out, plus site-specific administration and maintenance advice. Each of these services follows advice on hardware sizing to ensure that your chosen platform will give the performance you expect.
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