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SunSystems Offers Professional Services That:
  • Reflect your priorities.
  • Solve your problems.
  • Are specific to the software
  • Maximize the effectiveness
          of SunSystems installations.
  • Cover the entire operating

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Consulting Sub 1 Technology Services

Technology Solutions Service
Before installing SunSystems, we ensure that the network and platform infrastructure is commensurate with your business needs, by scoping a complete solution including LAN, WAN and future business growth.

Technology Site Audit
Over time, the circumstances in which you use SunSystems may change: your data volumes may increase, the number of users may grow or you may wish to ensure that your IT strategy and SunSystems remain compatible. We can review your complete installation, your usage of SunSystems and your IT strategy. We will then document and discuss with you any required or desirable improvements in any aspect of your SunSystems installation, including hardware and networks, to ensure you continue to maximize the benefits available from SunSystems. We will also discuss any further training needs.

DBA Advisory Service
This service, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs, provides regular visits to ensure SunSystems meets your business requirements. Our consultant will determine what advice is relevant to your business, and provide, for example, problem resolution, short site reviews or tuning exercises.

Oracle Health Check Service
As data volumes grow, it is essential to review Oracle's performance statistics in order to maximize the potential of any SunSystems Oracle application. With expertise in SunSystems, Oracle and operating systems, we can review performance statistics periodically and revise the operating parameters accordingly. Using the latest Oracle tools, we can determine likely bottlenecks before any system slowdown, and help you plan for future growth.

SQL Performance Tuning
Getting the right information at the right time is essential in all business-critical environments. If you have key reports that need to be delivered quickly and efficiently from a relational database environment, it is essential that the correct database indexes are applied. We can analyze the SQL generated from SunSystems, Vision or Impromptu reports and tune it appropriately.

Technology Training Service
Our customers have a variety of training requirements depending on their in-house skills and the number of sites in their organization. We can provide you with several levels of technology education from classroom-based "train the trainer" courses to more informal one-to-one workshop days. Aimed at systems administrators or database administrators, these are designed specifically to complement your on-site operating system and relational database skills.

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