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SunSystems Offers Professional Services That:
  • Reflect your priorities.
  • Solve your problems.
  • Are specific to the software
  • Maximize the effectiveness
          of SunSystems installations.
  • Cover the entire operating

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Consulting Sub 1 Implementation Service

The foundation for the PQIS range of services is the SunSystems Implementation Service.

This provides a project planning blueprint, designed specifically for SunSystems. Proven in implementations around the world, it will:
  • Deliver the right solution on time, within budget and with minimal disruption, regardless of the size or complexity of the project
  • Analyze business needs to identify requirements and design the most effective solution
  • Use project management methods to minimize risk and provide control
  • Allow the customer to control the installation process and understand the direction of the project with the help of Systems Union consultants
  • Optimize the investment made in SunSystems. In order to ensure the success of each implementation, PQIS project management, employing proven tools and techniques, is included as a standard feature.

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