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Consulting Sub 1 Implementing Euro.

EuroPlan uses a scaleable project approach and is designed for existing SunSystems users migrating to a full euro business solution.

EuroPlan starts with a readiness review and concludes with a euro site review. During the first phase of the project, SunSystems consultants identify and explain the euro solutions available and highlight the implications of each approach. This enables customers to take the course most appropriate to the business. Each of the four possible euro implementation approaches - Big Bang, At the Gate, Parallel Books and Dual Base-Currency - are catered for.

EuroPlan can be used for all euro upgrade projects, from relatively simple Financials-only users to sophisticated SunSystems Business users. Financials projects are largely prescriptive, while SunSystems Business, which allows more flexibility in the implementation of multi-currency, requires significantly more consulting input.

Whichever approach is taken and whatever the circumstances, SunSystems involves the customer's staff as much as possible, to minimize costs and maximize knowledge transfer.

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