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Consulting Sub 1 Implementation Planning Study

Performed prior to the SunSystems Implementation Service, the Implementation Planning Study has five phases:

1. Project Initiation
The objectives, scope and timeframe for the Implementation Planning Study are jointly agreed.

2. Business Requirements Review
Following workshops and interviews with key users and management, the consultants develop a comprehensive understanding of the business needs which must be addressed by the implementation of the new business systems. They identify the software modules required and make recommendations for improvements to finance procedures.

3. Technology Requirements Review
SunSystems technology consultants review the options available considering the IT infrastructure, technology strategy and developing trends in the industry. They then recommend the most appropriate implementation environment.

4. Software Implementation Plan
Working closely with the customer, the SunSystems Project Manager explores the alternative approaches to implementing the new system, selecting the most suitable method. The agreed approach is documented in a detailed terms of reference. A project plan covering all aspects of the organization's business is produced.

5. Implementation Planning Study Report
The Implementation Planning Study is concluded with a report that summarizes the customer's objectives and our recommendations. This report can either be used as the basis of the SunSystems implementation or as a briefing document for prospective suppliers in any subsequent product evaluation process.

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