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Consulting Sub 1 Shared Services Center.

Many of our customers use SunSystems in numerous locations worldwide. Very often these organizations support the local operations with SunSystems based on PC Platforms.

Trends show that this infrastructure is being replaced by a more centralized solution; organizations are making use of today's technology to connect a central server to remote office locations. This is often combined with the streamlining of accounting practices through centralization of the accounting department.

There are many advantages to adopting this environment - known as a "Shared Services Center".

From a technology perspective it means that an organization is able to:
  • Minimize the required ICT (Information & Communication Technology) knowledge at the different locations.
  • Manage and control the ICT infrastructure better.
  • Make use of more robust platforms.
  • Lower the overall cost of the IT infrastructure.
From a functional viewpoint, the organization can:
  • Improve business processes, e.g. consolidation or inter-company transactions
  • Improve the ability to manage the business by providing more timely and comprehensive management information.
  • Provide better cash management.
  • Make better use of the work force.
Financial benefits include:
  • Reduction of staff headcount.
  • Reduction of yearly IT expenditure.
  • Better use of available resources.
How can SunSystems help organizations move to a Shared Service Center structure?
We have helped a number of customers migrate to this environment and have developed a good understanding of the requirements to make such a migration successful.

If you wish to discuss the possible benefits for your organization, please speak to your Account Manager or to your Professional Services contact.

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