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SunSystems 5 Financial Management Solution Bridging Global Business.

Organizations looking to expand internationally find SunSystems offers significant value over Big 3 software systems.

Miami, FL - January 30, 2022 : Systems Union Inc. today announced that SunSystems 5, the leading financial and business management software solution introduced in March 2001, has been purchased by over 70 organizations across the globe. In addition, many of these sites have completed their implementations and are fully operational. The rapid adoption of SunSystems 5 is attributed to the success of the SunSystems 4 Financial management solution that is used by over 18,000 customers in over 200 countries.

"In the past, corporate offices have purchased financial solutions from the ‘Big 3' vendors and have encountered high maintenance and customisation costs. Today, corporate offices recognize the need for a single global financial system that can meet the local requirements of each office, in each country," explains Mark Wolfendale, Americas CEO, Systems Union Inc. "SunSystems not only delivers this global value, it does so at a fraction of the cost associated with implementing a Big 3 solution. That's why forward-thinking financial executives increasingly see SunSystems as the superior solution."

SunSystems 5 customers include Pfizer Inc, the world's largest pharmaceutical company (a $13.25m contract over five years); Seventh-day Adventist Church ($5m contract); Royal Bank of Canada; Hilton International; Levy Gee, Accountants & Business Advisers, part of the Numerica Group; World University Services (the first SunSystems 5 customer) and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

SunSystems 5 sales are spread across the US and around the globe – into traditional and non-traditional areas such as Australia, Bermuda, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Nigeria, the UK and Zambia. SunSystems products handle all financial and accountancy aspects of an organization, including ledgers, purchase orders, payments, asset management and financial reporting -- accessible in real-time on the Internet -- in any currency and numerous languages.

Jonathan Teller, director of the Management Information Systems Group at UK-based Levy Gee, co-founder of new business services group Numerica, said: "The performance, functionality and integration capabilities means that SunSystems 5 has tremendous potential for Numerica. Implementation is quick and the scalability means that as Numerica rapidly grows through integration, the software will keep pace."

SunSystems 5's multi-currency capability includes full euro compatibility, and it is one of the small number of products with BASDA EMU Accreditation Level 2 from the Business Application Software Developers Association and Ernst & Young. Its multi-lingual facility includes Chinese (simplified and traditional), English (British and American), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish. More languages are being added in 2022 .

Paul Coleman, chief executive officer of Systems Union Group plc, author of SunSystems, said: "SunSystems 5 has generated significant revenue so far for this company and for our channel partners. When we launched it in March 2001, the response from customers and partners indicated we had a winner."

SunSystems is one of the world's best-selling and most functional financial software solutions, offering platform independence, a flexible structure, superior integration backed by global support and local understanding. Its suitability for rapid implementation, with low total-cost-of-ownership at low risk makes SunSystems the chosen solution for many of the world's leading organizations.

About SunSystems
SunSystems is a leading global financial and business management software solution.The product is used extensively by multinational organizations that require an international product with a global support infrastructure. Boasting a truly global customer base, SunSystems is installed in 18,000 customer sites, with 250,000 customer seats in 187 countries. Products within the SunSystems range are available in 27 languages. SunSystems customers include one quarter of the Fortune 500.

About Systems Union Inc.
Established in 1981, Systems Union Inc. is part of Systems Union Holding Ltd. The company has 20 offices worldwide and over 200 channel partners in 74 countries. Systems Union has annualized revenue in excess of $70 million and 710 staff worldwide. For more information, visit

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