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Stock Exchange announcement: Pfizer signs $13.25m SunSystems Contract

The agreement covers the provision of SunSystems 5 software licences and services over five years.

These licences cover approximately 60 sites across Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The global reach of the SunSystems office network, located in 76 countries, was important to Pfizer along with the multi-currency and local compliance strengths.

Paul Coleman, chief executive officer of Systems Union Group plc, said: "Pfizer has been a user of SunSystems for five years, and this deal builds on that relationship. It demonstrates our strengths of global reach, multi-currency, multi-language, which few companies can offer. We are delighted that Pfizer continues to value the strengths of SunSystems."

About SunSystems
SunSystems is a leading global financial and business management software solution.The product is used extensively by multinational organizations that require an international product with a global support infrastructure. Boasting a truly global customer base, SunSystems is installed in 18,000 customer sites, with 250,000 customer seats in 187 countries. Products within the SunSystems range are available in 27 languages. SunSystems customers include one quarter of the Fortune 500.

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Established in 1981, Systems Union Inc. is part of Systems Union Holding Ltd. The company has 20 offices worldwide and over 200 channel partners in 74 countries. Systems Union has annualized revenue in excess of $70 million and 710 staff worldwide. For more information, visit ###

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