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Introduction to Collaborative Commerce
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Much of the friction that hampers the efficiency of an organization arises from the fact that companies maintain multiple business applications with multiple sets of data. And too often, these systems don't communicate with each other…

To derive value across the whole enterprise, your systems need to share data - ultimately giving you all the information you need to power your business decisions.

We provide a solution to this business challenge, allowing you to unleash the power of SunSystems, integrating it into your business to create an environment where commerce systems are working together, in collaboration.

SunSystems 5 uses SunSystems Connect to enable integration of SunSystems with your other business applications. This allows you to share core business data with web applications or portals, front office systems or other external applications.

SunSystems 4 incorporates the eBusiness Gateway, a powerful electronic gateway that enables you to integrate SunSystems with your other business applications. It is designed to allow web, or any other kind of application, to exchange commercial transactions with SunSystems 4 in real time.

These offerings provide the following benefits:

  • The integration capabilities enable you to design web applications that need real time access to SunSystems, where located both locally and remotely.

  • It enables you to exercise SunSystems functions and logical components from within other application environments. This means that the capability, business rules or logic that are implemented in SunSystems don't have to be replicated in external applications.

  • By utilizing XML - an industry standard mechanism - a platform is provided for sharing data and processes with suppliers or customers.

  • The published interfaces will continue to be honored as underlying functions are developed and changed, which means that you don't have to keep updating the interfaces you have developed.

For further information on these products, see the SunSystems Connect and eBusiness Gateway sections.

  Location: Home Page > Our Solutions > Collaborative Commerce