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Our customers' views...
With over 15 years working with the insurance industry, you can be sure that we speak your language and understand your concerns. Our customers have told us that their products, policies, placement and customers can change rapidly. They need reliable, real time information about the business, while retaining the ability to drill down to individual policies and customers. SunSystems is designed to help you deliver this, to maximise profitability and react quickly to market conditions.

Our focus areas at a glance.
SunSystems is multi-company, multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-cultural - it easily copes with the different accounting and business practices of the major insurers' international markets. Specifically, SunSystems can help you address the following key areas:

  • Analysis – Fast access is required to analyse and drill down from high level management reports to individual clients, underwriter, policies, line or class of business and territory to name but a few.
  • Risk management – ensuring visibility and control of risk typically using scorecard type principles and configuration of reinsurance management.
  • Managing cash flow – "Pay as Paid" functionality ensures that claims are only paid when the funds have been received from the other risk carriers.  Policies are linked to the other carriers so visibility of risk is always apparent.
  • Multi-currency - Contracts may stipulate that premiums are to be paid in one currency but claims paid in local currency.  With SunSytems, it is possible to post multi-currencies against a single risk.  Slides in foreign exchange rates can impact profit margins - so SunSystems budget books can be revalued if rates move significantly, giving you full visibility of profits and risks.
  • Revenue recognition & premium allocation - it has become increasingly important that revenue recognition and allocation of premiums are recognised by period and type, as well as the appropriate cost of sale.
  • Processing commissions – insurance industry commissions and incentives require calculation and need to be reflected in the accounts, including analysis and ability to change schemes.
  • Recurring Billing – automation of premium billing and renewal handling would increase profitability and productivity.
  • E-Business & collaborative commerce – ensuring information is provided to customers, field agents and remote users as well as highlighting the need to cut procurement costs.
  • Customer and user portals – the need to provide tailored information to internal and external users of the system.
  • Scalability – Insurance companies are typically becoming more global and handling large volumes of transactions, so information regarding scalability of both users and transactions together with data integrity and system availability is critical.

Tightening your belt.
SunSystems is a cost effective solution that is scaleable, global and easily maps to your current process requirements. It is so flexible, changes can be made quickly and inexpensively.

We know you don't like risk.
We currently support 18,000 SunSystems installations, in 190 countries and in 30 languages. Plus, our expertise in local accounting practices ensures that you won't be exposed.

We've mentioned flexibility before...
Did you know that SunSystems integrates fully with most other insurance front office systems? Seamless integration means improved risk management, increased productivity and communication.


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SunSystems is a portfolio of integrated financial management and business intelligence applications, which help decision-makers gain a broader perspective on the business, and provide the ability to analyze the operational detail.

For more than 20 years, we have delivered global, low-risk solutions that are designed for rapid, low-cost deployment, helping our users to meet the demands placed on the finance function.

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  Location: Home Page > Industries > Insurance