SunSystems Vision

SunSystems Vision gives managers unique insight into every facet of business by providing the ability to drill down into the multiple dimensions of your financial information.

Within seconds, you can understand the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of your bottom line. More importantly, we do this in less time, with less cost and less risk than the competition - and we make it our business to let your business grow without restriction…

Generic Features
Vision Executive
Vision XL
Vision Word
Vision Alert
Vision for Applications

Generic Features

Vision Products:

  • Support more efficient and effective decision-making
  • Can be used at the desktop
  • Include a generic data dictionary feature for global data translations and conversions
  • Support multi-currency
  • Are developed for Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases
  • Are available in multiple languages
  • Offer a range of output options (e.g. Printer, Microsoft Excel, PDF and HTML for Web browsing)

Vision Executive

Vision Executive is an invaluable aid to more informed decision-making and a powerful complement to SunSystems.

Vision Executive is a dynamic analysis and reporting application that enables you to uncover and analyze the trends, problems and opportunities that are often concealed in corporate transactional data.

Vision Executive provides direct access to SunSystems from within a familiar desktop environment, facilitating the inquiry and analysis of financial information. It supports proactive and decisive management, enabling executives to access, and exhaustively query, the financial data required for a wide range of managerial and analytical purposes. Data from other applications may optionally be combined with SunSystems data within a single Vision Executive report.

Easy to use, Vision Executive allows the interrogation of financial data without expert assistance or technical knowledge. It provides decision-makers with sophisticated analytical and performance measurement capabilities, as well as significantly increasing the rate at which information can be processed.

Vision Executive Browser is a powerful zero footprint application that requires no additional software to be installed on the user’s computer and enables Vision Executive reports to be viewed and interrogated via a web browser interface.

Top-Down view of your entire enterprise
Vision Executive presents a top-down view of your entire business. It provides unparalleled precision and control in multi-dimensional transactional analysis through direct access to SunSystems Financials within a Windows environment. Inquiries are easily defined with built-in guides to locate relevant data, enabling selection to be made at the click of a button.

Multiple levels of accounting information can be viewed on screen as your analysis progresses from summary information to ever increasing levels of detail. Thorough interrogation of financial data can be used to help find the real forces driving profit and margin.

Flexible analytical functionality
Vision Executive allows you to use single instructions to generate multiple reports from the same inquiry definition. You can Drilldown, Expand or Breakout by business dimensions: departments, regions, branches, cost centers or even individual transactions.

Drilldown provides a top-down view of your business before drilling down to analyze the underlying details. Data Matrix allows information to be viewed and analyzed from different perspectives and Breakout enables the preparation of similar reports, based on different parameters, to be generated from a single instruction. The same report, for example, could be automatically generated for each business dimension, such as department, branch or region.

Reporting and multi-dimensional analysis 
Ad hoc, customized or standard reports can be set up quickly and easily to monitor and report on trends, ratios and other factors directly driving your business.

Hierarchies allow non-contiguous codes and code ranges to be combined, creating a code structure that permits very specific data analysis. You can amalgamate databases, existing analysis codes and data types to create a powerful new coding structure.

Format Tables enable results to be highlighted depending on the value or context, ensuring critical results are highlighted for appropriate action.

Charts can also be embedded in worksheets and dynamically linked to the data they display to assist interpretation and analysis.

Powerful output options 
Vision Executive makes it easy to send your report almost anywhere you want, in the most suitable format. Publish your reports to the Web, e-mail them, export them to Microsoft Excel, PDF or HTML, or simply send them to print. Picture and sound files can also be included in your report.

Secure access and control
Vision Executive is fully integrated with the security features within SunSystems, ensuring only authorized users can access sensitive data. Additionally, if you specify what options are available within Vision Executive you can restrict user access to Vision Executive templates in Query mode only.

Vision Executive Browser 
Vision Executive Browser allows you to query workbooks using similar reporting functionality found in Vision Executive Query mode, i.e., to extract, view and analyze SunSystems information in queries designed in Vision Executive Design mode, using a web browser interface.

Vision XL

Vision XL is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and provides fast and adaptable ways to exchange data with SunSystems modules. The extensive functionality of Microsoft Excel is enhanced through Vision XL, enabling powerful reporting and presentation.

Vision XL provides a dynamic link by allowing information to be incorporated in Microsoft Excel from multiple SunSystems Financials and SunSystems Business tables into a single report. Conversely, data prepared in Microsoft Excel worksheets can be transferred to SunSystems applications.

With its flexibility and ease of use, Vision XL allows non-technical and non-accounting staff to effectively analyze SunSystems data, providing enhanced analytical power and assisting the decision-making process.

Data from other applications may optionally be combined with SunSystems data within a single Vision XL report.

Accessing SunSystems Data within Excel
Vision XL is a Microsoft Excel add-in displayed as an item on the menu bar or as a toolbar. Purpose-built functions, represented on the Vision XL menu, allow dynamic and flexible access to data from SunSystems to populate your Microsoft Excel worksheets. Both transaction and reference information can be combined to generate formatted output, which is suitable for use as forms or for inquiry.

Comprehensive Enterprise Reporting and Analysis 
Vision XL enables information to be extracted to Microsoft Excel, and then combined with key data from other corporate or external sources held in Microsoft Excel. Information held in multiple tables can be contained in the same report. It can access data from both SunSystems Financials and SunSystems Business. This use of Microsoft Excel allows for more comprehensive and wider ranging analysis and reporting.

Automate Processes with Macro Builder
Macro Builder enables the user to combine Vision XL functions to automate complementary Tasks without intervention. With the click of a button, different types of data can be extracted, processed in Microsoft Excel and either returned to SunSystems or displayed for viewing or printing.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities
A powerful Report Designer in Vision XL provides flexible reporting formats. Report Designer includes the use of headers, details, subtotals and footer sections to provide professional looking reports. Vision XL also enables the diverse range of report styles, formats and printing options available in Microsoft Excel to be applied to business data. The data can be extracted and then prepared and printed using Microsoft Excel.

You can also use search expressions, called Wildcards, in definition forms and dialog boxes. These Wildcard searches provide for pattern matching when aggregating information.

Secure Access and Control
Vision XL supports SunSystems security features to ensure only authorized users can access sensitive data.

Vision Word

Vision Word is an intelligent, intuitive add-in for Microsoft Word that provides a fast, easy and more adaptable method to interact with your SunSystems database. Vision Word enhances the already extensive functionality of Microsoft Word, enabling powerful presentation and reporting.

Vision Word provides a dynamic link that allows current information to be incorporated in Microsoft Word from multiple SunSystems tables into a single document.

With its flexibility and ease-of-use Vision Word allows non-technical and non-accounting staff to effectively analyze SunSystems data, providing enhanced analytical power and assisting the decision-making process. Data from other applications may be combined with SunSystems data within a single report.

Vision Alert

Vision Alert is an easy to use, highly flexible means of automating designated reporting tasks, on an event or time-driven basis. Features called Alerts enable Vision Alert to make automated, conditional responses to specified conditions in Vision reports.

Vision Alert complements and enhances the capacity of Vision Executive to identify and analyze the opportunities and problems concealed in the financial data of an organization.

Powerful Automated Exception Reporting 
Vision Alert allows any number of tasks to be created that can contain interdependent processes. If a financial limit is exceeded, for example, an Alert is triggered that automatically generates one or more predetermined responses such as printing a report, distributing the report via e-mail, outputting in either HTML for Web browsing or to a Microsoft Excel file, or simply via e-mail.

When defining tasks, you can activate a wide range of functions including workbook and drill path extractions in HTML format for Web viewing, running a SunSystems macro and executing operating system commands.

Vision Alert schedules tasks to run automatically at any pre-determined time or frequency without further prompting. These can be changed easily and quickly according to your requirements. Vision Alert processes can be automatically re-scheduled if certain conditions are not met, for example, if a file is not available for processing.

Report Casting
Vision Alert communicates directly with your applications and pushes information to your desktop. View retained reports in Vision Executive, Microsoft Excel or automatically output reports in HTML format for viewing through a web browser.

Local Area Network or Wide Area Network
Vision Alert can be deployed as either a client-based or server-based solution. This allows users to schedule and execute Tasks using either a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN).

With Vision Alert, Tasks can be created, edited and scheduled. Vision Alert Manager, deployed on either the client or server then executes these tasks at the scheduled times.

Vision eAlert is a powerful zero footprint application that requires no additional software to be installed on the user’s computer. Vision eAlert is used via a familiar browser interface and enables independent creation, editing and scheduling of tasks.

Vision for Applications

Vision for Applications allows organizations to use familiar Vision tools to analyze data from any number of disparate data sources. Using Vision for Applications could for example enable you to generate a single report containing information from both a SunSystems database and perhaps an in-house order processing database.

This is achieved by using optimized query generators and data acquisition methods to extract data from enterprise-wide data sources. Ad-hoc query users and developers do not have to understand underlying database schemas. Vision for Applications architecture comprises toolsets and Serducts®.

Vision toolsets - Vision XL, Vision Word and Vision Executive - are the day-to-day management reporting tools for non-technical users, which enable the running of real-time, or pre-processed inquiries, with easy navigation and comprehensive in-built analytical functionality.

Serducts® are intelligent business layers that separate the usage of data from the need to understand how the data is physically accessed. Serducts® are created by using Vision Generator, which provides workflow style processes to generate the link between Vision tools and the underlying databases. The Vision Generator interface enables a Serduct to be created, and maintained. 


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