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The SunSystems Difference

Global Reach and Delivery
  • Local knowledge, global support
        -20 SunSystems offices
        -200 channel partners
  • Represented in 76 countries
  • Customers in 194 countries
  • Solutions in 30 languages

    Low Risk
  • Rapid implementation
  • Match business requirements
          with infrastructure
  • Single product set
  • Scaleable product
  • Ease of implementation and use
  • Local installation and support

    Low Total Cost Of Ownership
  • Rapid implementation
  • Implementation methodology
          enforced for consistency
  • Product flexibility and functionality
  • Integration future proofing

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Lasata: Authors of the Vision suite

Bringing detailed and live SunSystems information to the desktop of every manager in the company is a speciality of Lasata who provide a suite of tools under the Vision brand.

The Vision suite consists of:
    Enables you to conduct inquiries and perform comprehensive examinations of SunSystems data using analysis tools including Drilldown, Expand, Breakout and Data Matrix. Use eExecutive to deploy reporting functionality similar to Vision Executive, using a Wide Area Network (WAN).

    Complements Vision Executive with cell based Alerts enabling the conditional processing of scheduled Tasks to be performed and output published to your desktop.

    Provides a dynamic link between SunSystems Financials, SunSystems Business and Microsoft Excel with the means to include SunSystems information in an Excel worksheet and prepare data in Excel to transfer into a SunSystems database. Note: For Vision version 5.1-1 and subsequent releases, Vision XL and Vision XLB have been replaced by a single Microsoft Excel add-in called Vision XL.

    Budget Management
    An innovative and intelligent budget management tool that uses Microsoft Excel to control the entire budget process from your desktop.

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