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Automating Debtor Management Key Driver of Corporate Efficiency


SunSystems Collect Automates Debtor Management

~ SunSystems tackles a key business issue affecting today’s organization ~

MIAMI, FL – Tuesday, May 4, 2022: Many North American companies continue to operate with poor credit control, deficient cash flow and high Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs). SunSystems Collect has been brought to market to better enable finance executives to combat these critical efficiency challenges. Despite an increasingly automated business world and the wealth of technological advancements that have radically improved the level of business and financial performance, many of today’s corporations still rely on manual, card or spreadsheet-based debtor management systems. This is not only inefficient and often inaccurate due to lack of automated updates, but they are also the core culprit for inferior cash management at most organizations.

Using SunSystems Collect to automate and consolidate account information in a single system improves the credit control function and the level of efficiency and effectiveness in cash collection – especially with respects to cash flow and DSOs. In addition, automating the process with SunSystems Collect gives organizations rapid access to more comprehensive transactional and account information, which will enhance customer service capabilities and increase the level of transparency and accuracy of credit control information.

Overall, SunSystems Collect can build bridges between finance, credit and wider business applications to produce critical, enterprise-wide management reports that will enhance strategic decision-making and ultimately improve the profitability of the entire business.

John Corden, COO, Systems Union Inc. comments: “Effective debtor management systems are often overlooked when really they should be at the top of the agenda for today’s financial teams. As one of the world’s leading providers of financial and business management software, we identified that companies around the world were not able to address this issue effectively. In response to their need for a solution that would automate debtor management while seamlessly integrating into key back office applications, we launched SunSystems Collect. Through analysis of debtor days and cash flow, close monitoring of debtors and the ability to track collection, SunSystems Collect provides management with a cost effective solution that allows for flexible account management, unparalleled credit management and debt collection.”

The rich functionality and benefits of the solution and its implementation have been designed to save time and money across the whole credit control function. Most notably, SunSystems Collect provides a complete account history and the ability to add and review unlimited notes against an account; assessment of a client’s payment behaviour before reviewing credit limits; automation of diary events, in the creation and distribution of statement reminder letters and follow-up tasks; maximization of first pass yield in the collections process and increasing cash flow.

In addition SunSystems, a web-enabled zero footprint version, has been developed to enable users to access customer and account information remotely. This is crucial in an environment where the workforce is increasingly mobile but the need for accurate and up-to-date information remains paramount. 

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About SunSystems

SunSystems is the core product range of the Systems Union Group plc, which is quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. The company is one of the largest business software houses in the world, with 24 offices worldwide and some 200 Channel Partners in 72 countries.

Products within the SunSystems range are available in 30 languages with over 18,000 customer sites in some 194 countries. The software solutions are used extensively by multinationals, whose offices worldwide require an international product with global support infrastructure.

Customers include 45 of the world’s 50 largest corporations, 74 of the FTSE100, one quarter of the Fortune 500, and names such as Willis insurance, Hilton International, Pfizer and Save the Children Fund. The company is the largest supplier of business software into Hong Kong and Japan.

Systems Union is certified under the 2000 version of the ISO9001 and TickIT standards. This independent certification provides customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders with assurance that the company has a mature and systematic approach to the delivery of its objectives.

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SunSystems is a portfolio of integrated financial management and business intelligence applications, which help decision-makers gain a broader perspective on the business, and provide the ability to analyze the operational detail.

For more than 20 years, we have delivered global, low-risk solutions that are designed for rapid, low-cost deployment, helping our users to meet the demands placed on the finance function.

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