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Our professional services teams ensure that the return on your investment in SunSystems is maximized with minimum risk.

We employ staff with many years intensive experience with SunSystems. Using our proven in-house implementation methodology (PQIS), our consultants will establish exactly how your business requirements can best be met before installing and configuring your solution. Application consultants, business analysts, project managers, technology consultants, trainers and integration specialists are all available to work with your own staff.

PQIS - Professional Quality Implementation Services
Our internal methodology has been developed over many years and gives you a proven means of succeeding on time and on budget. Tailored specifically for work with SunSystems, PQIS combines best working practices with effective controls to ensure that your project is delivered to plan. Modern business systems are complex; PQIS gives you the means to control the risk, keep issues visible and prevent budget overruns.

With PQIS, SunSystems can be implemented very quickly. For example we are able to install a new hotel system within 6 weeks, including staff training. Some of our more prominent competitors will take many months to achieve the same goal. Our global reach means that the same standard of service is available wherever you wish to work.

Our consulting offerings include:

Implementation Service   - The SunSystems Implementation Service has been designed to help maximize the return on investment of your purchase of SunSystems software. Using the skills and experience of SunSystems consultants, your organization can quickly achieve the solution that will best realize the business benefits identified during procurement.

Solution Planning Study - The Solution Planning Study is a service offered to prospective SunSystems clients (or existing clients facing organizational change) to help determine how your business requirements can be met by a system using SunSystems products. The service also helps to identify the best deployment for your organization, and how to address systems integration requirements.

Upgrade Service   - The Upgrade Service is available to existing SunSystems clients. It enables an efficient and effective implementation of application and technology upgrades, allowing you to take advantage of new SunSystems functionality. In addition, the service can help to minimize the risks arising from changes to key business systems, while maximizing the benefits of business change through the use of SunSystems expertise.

Site Audit   - The Site Audit service is offered to existing SunSystems clients to help determine whether the existing system best meets current and planned requirements. It is also used to evaluate:

  • How your existing configuration can be improved to provide a better solution
  • Whether your current infrastructure can be improved upon
  • Whether current operating practices make best use of SunSystems functionality

Re-implementation Service   - For existing clients, the SunSystems Re-Implementation Service has been designed to ensure that SunSystems will meet new requirements (such as the introduction of new processes and changes to existing ones), resulting in a solution that will deliver greater business benefit and maximize the return on investment. In addition, the service helps you to take advantage of new functionality and technical advancements delivered with SunSystems products, while also updating your systems to reflect changes in your technical environment.

Site Audit (Consolidation Option)  - The Consolidation Option of the Site Audit service focuses on the need to aggregate data from different business entities within a group of companies. It is used to evaluate:

  • How utilities and mechanisms in SunSystems can be used to make consolidation easier
  • How your existing configuration can be improved to provide a better solution
  • Whether your current infrastructure can be improved upon
  • Whether current operating practices make best use of SunSystems functionality

All of the above are scaleable, whether you are installing at a single site or rolling a core solution across hundreds of business units around the world. All service work includes technology advice and is delivered via PQIS.

SunSystems is a portfolio of integrated financial management and business intelligence applications, which help decision-makers gain a broader perspective on the business, and provide the ability to analyze the operational detail.

For more than 20 years, we have delivered global, low-risk solutions that are designed for rapid, low-cost deployment, helping our users to meet the demands placed on the finance function.

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  Location: Home Page > Services