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Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Westside implementation
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Further addition to extensive global hospitality experience

The Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Westside has purchased and implemented MICROS-Fidelio Financials powered by SunSystems (MFF).

Prior to implementing this solution, the hotel used various stand-alone back office tools deployed by its former management company. MFF was purchased to provide a cohesive and complete back-of-house solution, seamless integration with the front-of-house and overall better reporting and data analysis capabilities.

MFF is a revolutionary new financial management system for hotels, restaurants and other hospitality organizations. The solution combines the benefits and functionality of the world's leading front-office solution from MICROS Systems and with the back-office strengths of SunSystems.

"MFF was selected over all other products we reviewed because of its multi-dimensional reporting capabilities, data analysis strength and its overall flexibility and scalability," says Arnel Mojica, controller of Radisson Hotel Los Angeles Westside. "We reviewed other tools but they could not deliver the same functionality. Our goal was to build a multi-dimensional back office that delivered unlimited data analysis options. Additionally, the back office system needed to fully integrate with our front of house technology, to ensure complete data accessibility in real-time. We selected MFF for this reason, and it has exceeded our expectations."

The decision to review the Radisson's back-office operations was made in Fall 2002 by Pacifica Hotel Management, Inc., a new management group formed by the hotel's ownership group. Pacifica was formed with a mandate to heighten the hotel's service levels while streamlining operating costs. To achieve this, the management group quickly ordered a review of the back office software, acknowledging that the existing components were far too limiting.

"The Radisson's existing back office tools were very limited in terms of reporting and analysis functionality. As a stand-alone hotel, without the support from a centralized corporate finance team, it is imperative that we have the ability on-site to generate more complex reports and perform the necessary data analysis," adds Mojica.

MFF delivers multi-tiered financial reporting to the key decision makers - online, in real time and from the same data source that the individual hotel's financial control and management is based. Its unique analytics is delivered through industry standard tools that provide everyone (from the hotel owner to the house-keeping manager) with visibility of their up-to-the-minute performance. And, the solution's built-in security hierarchies ensure the right person gets access to the right information.

Another key benefit is the integrity of the system, with no overhead associated with the re-keying and transferring of data. MFF can either be sited within the property or at a central location, with information and financial business intelligence published across the Internet or an intranet to all interested parties. This can be in customized format and with the level of detail appropriate to the audience.

"The hotel industry is increasingly competitive and a hotelier's ability to access and generate accurate and up-to-date financial information is vital toward achieving a competitive advantage," comments John Corden, SunSystems chief operating officer."Pacifica Hotel Management Inc. is one hotel operator that recognizes this need, and to strengthen its back office, MFF has been deployed. We are happy to have been selected as the best solution for the Radisson LA Westside."

"The Radisson Hotel LA Westside is one of thousands of hotels running MICROS-Fidelio as its front of house solution. Now, with the addition of MFF in the back office, this hotel serves as a strong example of the advanced capabilities available to forward thinking hoteliers," adds Laura O'Connor-Barclay, vice president of hotel sales & strategies for MICROS Systems. "This real-time, proactive data accessibility available to customers who deploy MICROS in the front of house and MFF in the back of house is truly powerful."

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