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Reduced debtor days the SunSystems way
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SunSystems Collect v5 leads the way to boost your bottom line

The economic downturn and globalization of business operations has focused attention on the need for organizations to drive down debtor days and improve cash collection.

The launch today by Systems Union - author of SunSystems, one of the world's leading business & financial management solutions - of SunSystems Collect v5 will make a major contribution towards meeting these needs.

The product is a credit control/ account management module that interrogates business and financial data generated by SunSystems core financials. This enables users to generate accurate account information and improve credit management/ debtor collection capabilities across the enterprise.

John Corden, chief operating officer of SunSystems, said: "SunSystems Collect is all about generating business information and information is power. Through accurate analysis of debtor days and payment dates, SunSystems Collect can significantly reduce days sales outstanding, improve cash flow, decrease collection costs and pay for itself within months."

By incorporating SunSystems Collect into the finance armory, users can be confident that it will understand its business and customers more accurately. This latest release will allow an organization to record and inquire on key aspects of debtor information, streamline collection activities through improved task management and automation and ensure that relevant information is delivered to the people that need it, when they need it, resulting in efficient processing and reduction in debtor days. And by linking with the powerful SunSystems analytics tools, standard and bespoke reports can improve users' insight into customer payment behavior and determine potential problem areas.

As part of a wider suite of business and financial products, SunSystems Collect drills down to relevant transaction details ensuring users are provided with real-time, accurate and detailed status on an outstanding debt in a clear-to-understand format. On global systems, this can provide company-wide consistency, co-ordination and control.

Telephone chase-ups and other contacts with debtors will become more productive not only by giving staff confidence in their information, but also by allowing flexibility such as setting up payments by installation or splitting items on an invoice.

In addition, an on-screen diary records and manages debtors' notes to ensure details on all communications are readily to hand with the next action flagged as a reminder at the right time. Repetitive tasks can also be automated, for example, electronic creation and distribution of chase-up letters and statements for every invoice over a set amount at a desired regularity.

Corden concluded: "Cash flow is an organization's life blood. By delivering comprehensive, relevant, real-time customer information to the desktop, combined with proactive collection techniques, high debtor days can be banished to the past. Tight control of debtor information and collection processes is crucial in today's challenging business environment."

  Location: Home Page > News