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Whoever said "Ignorance is Bliss" never had to answer to the CEO.

SunSystems provides comprehensive tools to report, analyze and deliver your business data "when" you want it, "where" you want it, and "how" you want it - allowing you to understand "why," before it's too late!

Being in the know is no longer a luxury, it's a requirement.

Key SunSystems Analytics features

SunSystems Vision
  • Easy set up of ad hoc, customized, or standard reports for reporting and multi-dimensional analysis.
  • User defined hierarchies for specific data analysis.
  • Graphical representations of information.
  • Integration to Microsoft Office.
  • Publish reports and information to web, distribute via e-mail, view on screen, or send them to a printer.
  • Integrated security.
  • Schedule tasks over a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN).
SunSystems Report Server
  • Deliver SunSystems reports and documents over the web for viewing using only a browser Ð zero training environment.
  • Run one report or document set for all users and control access using Page Level Security.
  • Schedule when reports and documents run and assign on demand reports with differing priorities depending on the identity of the requester.
  • Output reports and documents as HTML, DHTML, PDF, XML or even WML
  • Scale report delivery to thousands of users with the minimal amount of hardware expenditure.
  • Integrate SunSystems reports seamlessly into your website and provide personalized views to different users.
  • Store reports securely in a flexible hierarchical folder system
  • Alert users to new reports.
  • Automate the versioning and archiving of reports.
  • Use existing SunSystems, LDAP or other security with a single log-in.
  • View reports one page at a time for optimal performance over the web.
  • Use the same powerful search and export facilities over the web as in a client-server environment.

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