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Financial Module

Finance and accounting is at the heart of almost every organizational decision. The measure of success and failure in the business world is based upon data that is collected, measured, and analyzed from the finance and accounting process. SunSystems understands this and our financial modules are specifically designed to provide you with immediate access to all your information, so that decisions can be made when they should be, not after.

SunSystems Financials gives managers unique insight into every facet of business by providing the ability to drill down into the multiple dimensions of your financial information. Within seconds, you can understand the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of your bottom line. More importantly, we do this in less time, with less cost and less risk than the competition - and we make it our business to let your business grow without restriction.

Key Financial Module Features

The following features are integral to the financial modules of SunSystems 5

Ledger Accounting:
  • Single integrated ledger, combining attributes and functionality of nominal, sales and purchase ledgers, cash book and analytical/project ledger.
  • Online facility for transaction entry to the ledger.
  • Open periods to match posting and reporting requirements of the organization.
  • 10 budget ledgers defined to reflect in-house requirements.
  • Dual base-currency, providing full Euro and GAAP support.
  • Online archive for completed transactions.
  • Sophisticated and flexible ledger inquiry function.
  • Automated payment terms functionality to calculate due dates, etc.
  • Tax reporting, with up to 100 criteria available for selection.
  • Standard text for attachment to transaction types and data records.
  • Asset Register.
  • Flexible depreciation - up to 10 methods available per asset.
  • Asset notes system for tracking histories and life cycles.
  • Powerful reporting for increased control of fixed assets.
  • Multi-currency asset register.
Corporate Allocations
  • Support for apportioned and fixed percentage allocations, fixed amounts and iterative charging.
  • Full support for inter-company processing.
  • High degree of flexibility to define allocation structures for each organization.
  • Posting options with tight controls.
  • Comprehensive audit trail to trace all allocations in full.
Budget Management
  • Enables the central collation and control of budget spreadsheets.
  • Manages all aspects of enterprise-wide budgeting, forecasting and planning.
  • Capitalizes on the power and familiarity of standard Microsoft Excel so that individuals can build and control their own budgets easily.
  • Budget workbooks can be allocated and dispatched to budget holders for completion and return.
  • Through developing a budget data warehouse, Budget Management handles the process of automatic consolidations, iterative amendments, status logging and the distribution and resubmission of workbooks using e-mail.
Information Delivery and Business Analysis
  • Exhaustive user query abilities provide the ability to simply drill into summary information down to the lowest detail level.
  • Generate multiple reports and views from one query definition.
  • Proactive and reactive report creation and distribution.
  • Schedule and deliver information in multiple formats (text, HTML, XML, PDF, etc) over the web, through e-mail, or even to your printer.
  • Dynamic links to Microsoft Office.
  • User and data level security.
  • Drag and drop report creation.

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