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Key features of Inventory Management

Movement Management
  • User-defined forms for transfer orders to suit organizational requirements.
  • Ability to define different transfer order types to provide greater levels of detail.
  • Bin-to-bin transfer facility, respecting storage characteristics of new location.
Inventory Processes
  • Automatic or manual inventory allocation facilities.
  • Goods receipt matching/inspection.
  • Traceability/batch reporting.
Inventory Count / Stock-take Management
  • System-generated inventory count (random or full).
  • Security-controlled entry of inventory count for discrepancies, approvals, and postings.
  • Facility to print sequentially-numbered tickets to assist counting control.
  • Weighted average, standard, true average, defined average, actual, latest actual, user-defined, and landed costs.
  • Movement cost records providing snapshot of item cost.
  • Updating with information from movement definitions.
Reporting on Inventory
  • Movement Analysis and Listings
  • Inventory Listings, Status, Evaluation, Usage, and Cover
  • Expired Items
  • Inventory Count Listings and Valuations
  • Inventory movement transactions can be imported from other systems.
  • Ability to interface inventory counts from hand-held units and match/approve.
  • Ability to download stock lists to handheld units.
  • Movement or transfer orders can be mapped to the ledger.

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