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Order Fulfillment Key features of Product Management

  • Definition and maintenance of physical outputs of an organization.
  • Also covers service, repair, and plant maintenance.
  • Bill of Materials and Product Routing functionality.
Item Definition
  • Ability to add additional descriptions to item details.
  • Multiple prices can be held for each item.
  • Multiple cost values can be held for each item, using different currencies.
  • Employee details can be recorded against an item for selective processing.
  • Units of measure, their descriptions and conversion calculations can be defined.
Product Definition
  • Amendments to the item master, product operations, and resource definitions used to build product definitions.
  • Use of item codes and revision numbers to define products, catering for different operating environments.
  • Product definition used to define multi-levels of assembly, making up a finished assembly for sale.
Reporting in Product Management
  • Multi-level explosion reporting, which lists all components and resources used by a "parent" item.
  • Multi-level implosion listing all parents of a "child".
  • Single level explosion, detailing components/resources one level down.
  • Single level implosion reporting one level up.
  • Purchased parts not appearing on a product definition.
  • Audit log of changes to item details.

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